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Student Guidance

Current Ph.D. thesis guidance (6 Students)
·      Jayalakshmi S, CE09D009, Co-Guide: Dr. S T G Raghukanth
·      Prabhu Muthuganeisan, CE10D013, Co-Guide: Dr. S T G Raghukanth
·      Muthulingam Subramanian, CE10D028
·      Bennet Kuriakose, CE11D003, Co-Guide: Dr. G R Dodagoudar
·      Someswara Rao Kola, CE11D033
·      P. Kurinjivelan, CE11D021
Current M.Tech. thesis guidance (2 Students)
·      Mr. Athalekar Nikhil Atmaram, CE11M091
·      Mr. Sagadevan R, CE11M109
Current B.Tech. thesis guidance (1 Student)
Past M.S. thesis guidance (8 Students)
·        Ms. N. V. Sunitha, CE05S008 (September 2007), Fuzzy Finite Element and Meshless Methods for Soil Structure Interaction Problems, Co-Guide: Dr. G R Dodagoudar
·        Mr. B. Nandulal, CE04S009 (September 2007), Element Free Galerkin Method for Bimaterial Interface Crack, Co-Guide: Prof. C Lakshmana Rao
·        Mr. Dhrubajyoti Mukherjee, CE08S004 (August 2010), Fully Equivalent Operational Model and Sensitivity Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Structures, Co-Guide: Prof. A Meher Prasad
·        Mr. Mohammad Ghouse Pasha, AM07S002 (November 2010), Numerical Modeling of Failure in Cement Concrete using a Unit Cell Approach, Co-Guide: Prof. C Lakshmana Rao
·        Mr. R Raghu Rajan, AM06S012 (December 2010), Numerical Study of Bi-Material Interface Crack Problems, Co-Guide: Prof. K Ramesh
·        Mrs. Aysha Kalanad, CE08S006 (December 2010), Structural Crack Diagnosis Using Improved Cracked Finite Element and Genetic Algorithm
·        Mr. D Vijai Anand, AM09S014 (July 2012), Efficient Extraction of Vortex Structures Using Reduced Order Methods, Co-Guide: Dr. B S V Prasad Patnaik
·        Mrs. Anju Krishnan, CE10S006 (July 2012), Reliability Analysis of Raft Foundations, Co-Guide: Dr. G R Dodagoudar
Past Ph.D. thesis guidance (6 Students)
·        Mr. Rajib Chowdhury, CE04D025 (April 2008), High Dimensional Model Representation for Structural Reliability Analysis, Co-Guide: Prof. A Meher Prasad
·        Mr. R. Munirami Reddy, CE04D020 (February 2009), Sensitivity and Probabilistic Fracture Analysis Using Fractal Finite Element Method
·        Mr. Rajesh K N, CE06D028 (July 2009), Coupled Meshfree and Fractal Finite Element Method for Fracture Mechanics and Unbounded Domain Problems
·        Mr. Arun C O, CE05D002 (August 2009), Stochastic Meshfree Method for Elasto-Plastic Damage Analysis, Co-Guide: Prof. S M Sivakumar
·        Mr. A. S. Balu, CE06D017 (December 2011), Efficient Method for Structural Reliability Bounds Estimation under Mixed Uncertainties
·        Mr. M. V. N. Sivakumar, CE06D025 (September 2012), Probabilistic Fracture Analysis of Through Wall Cracked Pipes Using Strain Based Approach, Co-Guide: Prof. S R Satish Kumar
Past M.Tech. thesis guidance (19 Students)
·        Mr. Sayantan Paul, CE04M117 (May 2006), A Modified Quarter Point Element for Fracture Analysis of Cracks
·        Mr. Rajesh Ashokkumar, CE04M115 (May 2006), Effect of Blow-Holes on the Reliability of a Cast Component
·        Ms. T. Meenakshi, CE04M064 (May 2006), Dynamic Fracture Analysis of Cracks in Functionally Graded Materials
·        Ms. K. Aravinda Priyadrashini, CE04M053 (May 2006), Coupled Finite Element-Moving Least Squares Technique for Stochastic Structural Response of Cracked Structures
·        Mr. M. S. Majunath, CE05M110 (May 2007), Reliability Analysis of Flip Chip Electronic Packages
·        Mr. R. Manikandan, CE05M109 (May 2007), Fatigue Life Prediction Methodology for Automotive Spot-Welded Joints
·        Mr. K. Purushotam Reddy, CE05M112 (May 2007), Fracture Analysis of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Materials
·        Mr. T. Hari Krishna, CE05M107 (May 2007), Fatigue Life of Autofrettaged Pressurized Cylinder
·        Mr. S. Varun Babu, CE06M063 (May 2008), Numerical Simulation of Concrete Target Under Ballistic Impact, Co-Guide: Prof. C Lakshmana Rao
·        Mr. V. Suriyamoorthy, CE07M108 (May 2009), Structural Uncertainty and Safety Analysis by Perturbation Techniques
·        Mr. M. T. Narayana, CE07M101 (May 2009), Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Structural Engineering
·        Ms. S. Jayalakshmi, CE07M096 (May 2009), Meshless Method for Bending and Buckling Analysis of Linear Members, Co-Guide: Prof. V Kalyanaraman
·        Mr. B.Sreehari, CE08M085 (May 2010), Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Structures
·        Mr. Nataraja G, CE08M090 (May 2010), Stability Analysis of Steel Space Structures With System Parametric Uncertainties
·        Mr. Mariappan M, CE08M089 (May 2010), Seismic Fragility Curves Using HDMR Based Response Surface Approach
·      Mr. Arunlal K, CE09M094 (May 2011), Finite Element Analysis of Integral Abutment Bridges Subjected to Thermal Loading
·      Mr. Ezhilan Muthu, CE09M100 (May 2011), Numerical Study on Capacity of Biaxial Hollow Slabs, Co-Guide: Dr. Amlan Kumar Sengupta
·      Mr. Kiran TA, ME09M142 (May 2011), Scaled Down Modeling of Nuclear Containment Building, Co-Guide: Dr. Shankar Krishnapillai
·      Mr. Arun Mathews, CE10M102 (May 2012), Analytical Fragility Curves for Highway Bridges
Past B.Tech. thesis guidance (5 Students)
·        Mr. P. Vamsi Krishna, CE02B038 (May 2006), Study on Choice of q Function in stress Intensity Factor Evaluation
·        Mr. Raj Kumar Yadav, CE02B027 (May 2006), Numerical Analysis of Cracks in Structures
·        Mr. Sunder Prakash, CE05B043 (May 2009), Optimum Design of Space Truss Systems using Fuzzy Sets
·        Mr. N. V. Subba Rao, CE08B028 (May 2012), Design Study of Tensegrity Based Pedestrian Bridge
·        Mr. M. Abhimanyu Reddy, CE08B020 (July 2012), Optimal Design of Water Tanks



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