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Setting up and functioning of Centre of Excellence in the area of Urban Development on “Decentralized Wastewater Management and PPP”. ThiS report deals with the PPP section of the Centre’s work.

PHASE I: Identification of cities and projects for PPPs

PHASE II: Finalization of city in consultation with MoUD. This includes preparation of Detailed Project Report and assisting in finalizing the Private Sector Service Provider

PHASE III: Documentation and dissemination

Phase I (Three months)


Identification of city(s) for implementing a PPP in the Water and Sanitation Sector


Preparing a detailed plan of the activities to be carried out by the center with regards to PPPs


Preparation of a bar chart showing these activities

Phase II (One year)


Collecting data on various projects that can be undertaken in the selected city(s)


Identifying a specific project that can be successfully undertaken through a PPP


Carrying out discussions with the Urban Local Body, stakeholders and government organizations that have jurisdiction over the selected project in order to achieve consensus among decision making agencies


Conducting technical, social and economic evaluations of the project in order to structure the project, its finances and to propose a contractual/concession agreement that can be used.


Assisting the municipality in selecting a transactions advisor, preparing the bid documents and in selecting a private sector service provider

Phase III (Three months)


Preparation of detailed documentation of the PPP process, the analytical tools used, the financial structure, the project structure, the contractual agreement as well as stakeholder interactions that were carried out.


Undertaking of a training program on PPPs for elected and appointed representatives of Urban Local Bodies.