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Welcome to the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division. This division was earlier known as Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering division. The hydraulic laboratory was established in 1969 with significant cooperation from German Universities. In 2000, with the introduction of Environmental Engineering Graduate Program this division has been renamed as Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division and conducting advance research in both the fields

Environmental Engineering laboratory is equipped with most of the sophisticated instruments such as Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for heavy metals analysis in ppb levels Gas Chromatographs, Ion Chromatograph and a high performance liquid chromatograph for analyzing organic and inorganic compounds. The laboratory is also equipped with UV-Visible Spectrometer, Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, Ion Meter, Sonicator, Flue Gas Analyzer, Methane Analyzer, Environmental Dust Monitor (mass and number), Indoor Air Quality Monitor, etc.

The division has a well equipped micro-biology laboratory to enrich, isolate, and identify micro-organisms. The UG / PG laboratory is equipped with all the instruments for air quality, water quality and wastewater analysis, solid waste and hazardous waste characterization.

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