Registration for MS/ Ph.D

  1. A written letter from the scholar specifying the topic of research and the guide shall be forwarded to HoL. This request shall be forwarded by the concerned guide.
  2. HoL will review all the letters received from the division and check uniform distribution of the candidates among the faculty also considering the existing scholars with each faculty. He will then forward the letters to the HoD office.
  3. HoD office will enter through workflow for each scholar the name, roll no. and the guide / guides allotted.
  4. Once the above is uploaded on workflow, the guides will get 2 tasks on workflow.
  5. One task for proposing panel of members for the scholar and another task for specifying the courses recommended by the guide to the scholar. In the workflow main menu, click on "Academics" followed by "Research Scholar" followed by "Panel Nomination".
  6. Second task for proposing courses to be taken by the Scholar. This can be uploaded by clicking on workflow main menu for "Academics" followed by "Research Scholars" followed by "Prescription of Courses".


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