Dr.Ashwin Mahalingam

Associate Professor
BSB 225, Building Technology and Construction Management Division
+91 - 44 - 2257 4318 (O)
mash[at] iitm [dot] ac [dot] [in]

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Recent Publications

  • Mahalingam, A, forthcoming. “PPP Experiences in Indian Cities: Barriers, Enablers and the Way Forward”, ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
  • Mahalingam, A., and Orr, R. 2008. “Confronting India’s Infrastructure Bottleneck: Practical, Collaborative Solutions to Increasing the Flow and Success of PPP Projects in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh”, published as the proceedings of the CRGP-IITM Roundtable on Public Private Partnerships held on 4-5 April, 2008 at IIT-Madras
  • Mahalingam, A., and Levitt, Raymond. E. 2007. “Institutional Theory as a Framework for Analyzing Conflicts on Global Projects”, ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, Vol. 133, No. 7, July 2007, Pp 517-528
  • Mahalingam, A., and Kim, Julie. 2007. “Private Risk in Infrastructure”, Transnational Dispute Management, Vol 4, No. 2, April 2007
  • Mahalingam, A, 2006. “Unintended Consequencs of Vigilance Activities in Two Project Settings in India”, Asian Journal of Political Science, Vol 14, No. 2, December-2006, pp 163-188
  • Mahalingam, A., and Levitt, Raymond. E. 2005 “Understanding and Mitigating Challenges on Global Projects: The Role of the Freelance Expatriate”, presented at the Construction Research Congress, San Diego, California, USA,
  • Mahalingam, A., Levitt, Raymond. E. and Scott, W. R. 2005 “Cultural Clashes in International Infrastructure Development Projects: Which Cultures Matter?” Winner of the Best Paper award at the International Symposium on Procurement Systems CIB Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


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