Environmental and Water Resources Engineering - Faculty



Faculty and Expertise
Balaji Narasimhan  Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Texas A&M University, USA)
GIS and Remote Sensing,  Hydrologic and water quality Modeling, Non-point source pollution transport

Indumathi Nambi  Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Clarkson University, USA)
State and transport of hazardous organic contaminants in ground water


Ligy Philip  Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Kanpur)
Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, bioremediation of contaminated water, soil and air, rural water supply
Mathava Kumar S  Associate Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Madras)
Water and Wastewater Treatment, Membrane (Bio)reactors, Anammox, Solid Waste Management


Mohan S.  Professor
( Ph.D., IISc Bangalore)
Water Quality Modelling, Environmental Systems Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Resources Systems Analysis, GIS and its application  




Murty B.S.  Professor
(Ph.D., Washington State University, USA)
Numerical modeling of surface and sub-surface flows, unsteady flow in conduits, contaminant transport


Sachin S. Gunthe  Associate Professor
(Ph.D., IITM Pune)
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics,Aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions and Characterizing atmospheric aerosols
Shiva Nagendra S. M.  Associate Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Delhi)
Air pollution monitoring and modelling, Urban air quality management,  Environmental impact assessment, Indoor air pollution
Srinivasan K.. Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Madras)
Water Resources Planning and Management, Flood Management, Drought Analysis, Regional Frequency Analysis of Hydrologic Processes, Stochastic Modelling of Geophysical Process
Sudheer K. P.  Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Delhi)
Hydrologic modeling, flood forecasting, soft computing techniques (ANN and Fuzzy Logic)
Venu Chandra  Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Kanpur)
Experimental Hydraulics, Sediment Transport
Somendra Nath Kuiry  Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Kharagpur)
Computational Hydraulics


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