Dr. Ravindra Gettu

BSB 217, Building Technology and Construction Management Division
+91 - 44 - 2257 4266(O)
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Student Guidance

Current Ph. D Guidance

  • Sangoju Bhaskar, Effect of admixtures on durability of concrete
  • Elson John, Interaction between cement and chemical admixtures
  • Smitha Gopinath, Experimental and Analytical studies on Strengthened beam-column joint
  • Sunitha K Nayar, Design of fiber reinforced concrete pavements and slab-on-grade
  • Vineetha N R, Seismic response of hybrid buildings. 
  • Karmugil B, Developement of sustainable self compacting concrete
  • Sakthivel T, Creep and shrinkage of concrete with blended cements  

Current M. S. Guidance

  • Ajay Krishnan, Study of cost effectiveness of cement based repair materials
  • Ramesh G, Cyclic behaviour of concrete elements strengthened with fibre reinforced polymer

Past Ph. D Guidance

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Chennai, India)
  •  K. Narasimhulu, Characterization and evaluation of natural and calcined zeolite for their use in high performance concrete, 2007.
  • C. Jayasree, Optimization of high performance concrete
  • V. Ponmalar, Use of fibre reinforced polymers for strengthening
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Berenice M. TORALLES-CARBONARI, Parametric study of the variables and components related to the mix design and production of high strength concretes, 1996.
  • Gilberto CARBONARI, Short- and long-term mechanical behavior of high strength concrete, 1996.
  • Sergio CARMONA, Characterization of the fracture of concrete and reinforced concrete beams, 1997.
  • Victor O. GARCiA-ILVAREZ, Study of mixed mode fracture in quasi-brittle materials: Application to conventional and high strength concrete, 1997.
  • Hector SALDIVAR, Flexural toughness characterization of steel fiber reinforced concrete - Study of experimental methodologies and size effects, 1999.
  • Ernesto ZANGELMI, Characterization of the behavior of high performance concretes with and without steel fibers under uniaxial compression, 1999.
  • Joana RONCERO, Effect of superplasticizers on the behavior of concrete in the fresh and hardened states: Implications for high performance concretes, 2000.
  • Bryan E. BARRAGIN, Failure and toughness of steel fiber reinforced concrete under tension and shear, 2002.
  • JosE MORA, Study of restrained plastic shrinkage cracking in conventional and high performance concretes, 2002.
  • Carlos AIRE, Experimental study of behavior of confined concrete subjected to compression, 2002.
  • Paulo Cesar C. GOMES, Optimization and characterization of high-strength self-compacting concrete, 2002.
  • Claudia Jenny DE LA CRUZ, Thesis: Development and application of medium strength self compacting concrete, 2007


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