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Facilities (Please click here for a tour of the GT Laboratory facilities.)

Excellent laboratory facilities exist for carrying out advanced research in various areas of Geotechnical Engineering. The facilities are used for conducting undergraduate and post-graduate laboratory classes and post-graduate research works. Some of the major facilities are listed below:

  • 200kN capacity UTM for testing geosynthetic products
  • Apparatus to test filtration/drainage characteristics of geotextiles
  • Cross-hole and Down-hole testing facility
  • Field dynamic pile load testing
  • Field pore pressure monitoring equipment
  • Glotzl contact pressure measuring equipment
  • Large scale testing facility for pullout testing of reinforcement elements and retaining wall facing elements
  • Creep testing facilities for geosynthetics
  • Retaining wall test facility
  • Large testing tanks for carrying out laboratory model tests
  • Large size (300 X 300 X 100mm) direct shear test apparatus
  • Light Cone Penetration Test device for field applications
  • Interactive computer software for analysis and design of soil slopes and retaining walls
  • Mechanical exciter with accessories to carry out soil dynamic tests
  • Personal computers with printers and data acquisition cards
  • Triaxial test apparatus with facility to apply repetitive loading and Field Settlement monitoring equipments
  • Personal computers with printers and data acquisition cards
  • Electronic data logging equipment
  • Cyclic triaxial test apparatus

Please click here for a tour of the Geotechnical Division Laboratory facilities.

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