Dr. Indumathi M Nambi

EWRE 36, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division 
+91 - 44 - 2257 4289 (O) 
+91 - 44 - 2257 6289 (R) 

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Research Interests

Ground water - Contaminant fate and transport.

Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater - Chromium,Petroleum compound pesticide & micro pollutants

Hazardous chemicals - Risk assessment and management

Water Treatment, Wastewater reuse, Solid waste managment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment - Electro plating, tannery and textile.

Environment Impact Assessment

Electro Chemical methods for contaminated water & Soil

Biogas from food waste .

Microfuel cells coupled waste water treatment & Chromium recovery.

Petro Chemical waste & waste water treatment

Removal of antibiotics & antimicrobial resistance in water system

Research topics:

  • Waste water reuse for irrigation and its impacts on environment
  •  Application of advanced oxidation and nanotechnology  for treatment of industrial waste and wastewater. 
  • Developing sustainable solutions for improving water quality in Pallikaranai marsh land
    • Fate and transport of petroleum spills  and remediation of petroleum contamianted aquifers
    • Migration and entrapment of Mercury in ground water and remediation of contaminated aquifers. 
    • Mitigation of pumping effects on saline water intrusion and upcoming in coastal aquifers
    • Development of innovative treatment technology for emerging pollutant
    • Microbial fuel cells and other electro chemical technology for waste water treatment and recovery
    • Anaerobic biosurfactant production for degradation of solvents in contaminated aquifers



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