Dr. Indumathi M Nambi

Associate Professor
EWRE 36, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division 
+91 - 44 - 2257 4289 (O) 
+91 - 44 - 2257 6289 (R) 

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Student Guidance

Ph.D. Student Guidance – 6 completed 11 ongoing         

 M.Tech Guidance: 10 completed / 3 ongoing

Current M Tech Guidance

Srinivas Vijay - Synergistic remediation of heavy metal and phenol contaminated ground water using zerovalent iron

Chiranjeevi - Sustainable management of treated wastewater and sludge from IITM treatment plant

Pushpendra - Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants in Chennai

Current PhD. Student Guidance

  • S Ambika - Remediation of heavy metal contmainated sites using iron nano structured particles
  • C.Mekala - Ground water contamination due to reuse of wastewater for irrigation.
  • Omkar Gaonkar      - Transport and Transformation of pesticides in an unsaturated system of organically amended soils.

  • Praveena Gangadharan - Wastewater treatment coupled with resource recovery and energy production using microbial fuel cells.

  • Divyapriya Govindaraj - Development of modified electro-Fenton process for the removal of emerging contaminants from water and wastewater

  • Bokam Rajasekhar - Characterization and treatment of petroleum contaminated ground water.

  • Sharanya Sriram - Electrochemical remediation of aqueous and soil matrices contaminated with hexavalent chromium

  • Sahila Beegum - Integration Of Solute Transport And Water Flow Model For Unsaturated And Saturated Soil Zone

  • Anju Elizbath Peter - Characterization of air emissions from the open burning of municipal solid waste (MSW) and their impacts on air and water quality at the surrounding area

  • Ramya Srinivasan - Enhancing biofilm growth and its application in treating emerging      contaminants by electrochemical methods

  • Nitha Ayinippully Nalarajan - Capture Zone analysis in Groundwater



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