Dr. Ligy Philip

EWRE 34, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Division 
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Theses Guided/Guiding
a)                  Ph.D
1                    Pranab Kumar Ghosh: Treatment of Pesticide bearing Wastewaters using Anaerobic Technology (Completed) on 23rd May 2003. (Admin-guide- Prof. M. Bandhyopadhyay)
2                    T. Shashidar: Development of a transport/biotransformation model for Chromium (VI) (Completed, 2006) (Co-guide: Dr. B.S. Murty)
3                    Mathava Kumar: Bioremediation of Endosulfan contaminated soils (Completed, 2006)
4                    Shihabudheen M.M. Treatment of arsenic and fluoride contaminated water using novel adsorbents (Completed, 2008)
5                    Rama Krishna K. Development of a biological system for the degradation of mixed pesticides (Completed,  2009)
6                    R. Elangovan. Biotransformation and Biosorption of Cr (VI) from tannery wastewater. (Completed, 2009, Co-guide-T. Chandraraj, Dept. of Biotechnology )
7                    R. Ravi. Treatment of VOCs contaminated air using rotating biological contactors (Completed, 2009, Co-guide: T. Swaminathan )
8                    Jay Sing J. Remediation of Cr(VI) contaminated site in Ranipet, Tamilnadu using biological systems. (Sponsored candidate from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, Co-guide: Dr. B.S. Murty)
9                    J. Senthil Nathan. Advanced oxidation/photocatalytic degradation of pesticides from contaminated waters.
10                Balasubramanium. Fate and transport of bacteria and pesticides in subsurface waters (Co-guide: Dr. B.S. Murty)
11                Naresh Kumar. Complete treatment of Coke-oven wastewater using hybrid systems (Co-guide: Dr. B.S. Murty)
12                Aviraj Dutta  Treatment of VOCs from paint industries using advanced oxidation and biofiltration.
13                Priya V. Nair. Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater using membrane bioreactors
14                Madhumathi. M. Transport of Bacteria through confined and unconfined aquifer (Co-guide: Dr. B.S. Murty)
b)         M.S
1.         S. Somasundaram. Simultaneous treatment of Tannery and Electroplating      industrial         wastewaters (Co-guide: Dr. B.S. Murty, Completed, 2010)



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