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Admission Requirements The admission to the M.S. research programme is through interviews conducted in the department.

Eligibility: Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from any recognised University for all specialisations in Civil Engineering.  In addition, the following non-Civil Engineering degree qualifications are also eligible for different specialisations but M.Sc. degree holders in Science with two years experience admitted to the M.S. programme should take additional engineering courses to acquire enough engineering background.

Building Technology and Construction Management
Bachelor's degree in Architecture or First Class M.Sc degree in Physics / Applied Science / Material Science with two years experience in Civil Engineering area.

Geotechnical Engineering
M.Sc degree in Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Applied Geology with two years experience in Civil Engineering area. Bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering with one year relevant experience.

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering or Master's degree in Applied Mathematics / Applied Geology / Geophysics with two years experience in Civil Engineering area.

Transportation Engineering
Bachelor's degree in Architecture or First Class B. E. / B.Tech (Mechanical) working in transportation field.

Degree Requirements The M.S. programme is a research based post graduate programme, which consists of five courses and thesis work. The thesis work required for the M.S degree is more advanced than the M.Tech. project work. A Graduate Test Committee (GTC) is formed to monitor the progress of each M.S. candidate. This committee consists of the Head of the Department, guide(s), one member from the department, and one member from an allied department, Students are admitted to the M.S. programme via interviews conducted in the department twice a year.

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Procedure for Assignment of Guides/Topics

  • The freshly admitted MS/Ph.D. candidates shall meet all the faculty members working in the related areas and discuss their research interests. 
  • Based on the topics suggested by the faculty members and the candidate’s own interest, the candidate chooses a topic and the guide and informs the Head of the Laboratory in writing. 
  • Head of the Laboratory ensures student’s preferences are met, in consultation with faculty,  and send a list of the new candidates with the names of  the Guides allotted,  to Head of the Department. 
  • HoD Office, after due approval of HoD, will upload the name of guides for each candidate through workflow. 
  • The candidate will start attending the classes as advised by the guide. 

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