Structural Engineering - Faculty



Faculty and Expertise

(Ph. D., IIT Madras)
Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites and Steel Structures

(Ph.D., University of Missouri–Rolla, USA)
Structural Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Appa Rao G.  Professor
(Ph.D., IISc, Bangalore)
Fracture Mechanics and Structural Concrete
Arul Jaychandran Associate Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Madras)
Computational Structural Stability and Steel Structures
Arun Menon  Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., University of Pavia, Italy)
Seismic Performance of Masonry and Heritage Structures
C.V.R. Murty Professor
(Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, USA)
Nonlinear Seismic Behaviour of Buildings and Bridges, Seismic Design Codes


Devdas Menon  Professor

(Ph.D., IIT Madras)

Structural Concrete and Bridge Engineering 

Nageswara Rao B. Professor
(Ph.D., University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA)
Computational and Probabilistic Mechanics, Structural Reliability

Meher Prasad A Professor
(Ph.D., Rice University, USA)
Structural Dynamics and Offshore Structures)

Raghu Kanth S.T.G.  Associate Professor
(Ph.D., IISc Bangalore)
Seismology, Wave Propagation and Earthquake Engineering
Rupen Goswami Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., IIT Kanpur)
Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures


Saravanan U.  Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Texas A&M University, USA)
Nonlinear Elasticity and Constitutive Modelling


Satish Kumar S.R. Professor
(DEng ,Nagoya University, Japan)
Earthquake Engineering and Steel Structures




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