Structural Engineering - Research


  • Computer Aided Analysis: Adaptive FEM; FEA of Shear Deformable Beam, Plates and Shells; Finite Strip Method for analysis of Multi-Layered FRP members; Material Nonlinearity; Curved Beams; Impact Loads; Crack Growth in RC Beams; Parallel & Distributed Computing; Layered Axisymmetric Structures.

  • Computer Aided Design: Genetic Algorithms (GA) for optimum design of Framed Structures; GA for Optimisation in General Purpose FEA pakages; Optimum Design of FRP Box Girder Bridges; Reliability Based Tower Optimisation; Reliability Based Inspection Stratergy for Fixed Offshore Platforms and Steel Railway Bridges; Knowledge Based Expert Systems (KBES) for multistoreyed RC Office Biulding Design and Construction Resource Scheduling; RC Slab Bridges.

  • Dynamics: Seismic Behaviour of Lightly Reinforced RC Frames; Soil Structure Interaction; Liquid Storage Tanks under seismic load; Low Energy Impact ; Blast Loading; Cyclone risk assesment; Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics of Guyed Towers; Laced RC Beams under Static and Cyclic Loading; Compliant Platform near Surface Kinematics.

  • Buckling: Thin Walled Layered Advanced Composite Members; Latticed Systems in Transmission Line Towers; Interactive Local Torsional Flexure Buckling; Core Loaded Sleeved Coloumn Systems; Multi-Layered FRP Shell and Shell Junction, Spaced Frames.

  • Structural Systems: Prestressed Concrete Skewed, Curved, Segmented Bridges; Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Concrete -Bridges; PSC Containment; Behaviour of RC/PSC under Tension; FRP Reinforcements; Concrete Beams with Cutouts under Combined Bending and Torsion.





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