Design for Haji Ali Junction

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Design for Haji Ali Junction

IIT Madras Design for Haji Ali Junction
Indian Institute of Technology (Chennai, India)
Aakanksha Jadhav, Siddhesh Godbole, Dinesh S Soundappa

Haji Ali Junction in Mumbai, India, experiences heavy traffic volume of 120,000 cars a day. Considering that most of this volume is through traffic, this project proposed a multilevel modular interchange to alleviate congestion. Using Bentley MXROAD and STAAD.Pro, the students were able to implement an innovative design approach that optimizes the space used for the multilevel flyovers on the same road. By proposing a portal frame supported deck for the viaducts, multiple flyovers were proposed on the same lanes of the road. The at-grade traffic is uninterrupted because of the interchange above. The students estimate that by the end of stage-three construction of their new interchange there will be a 114 percent increase in efficiency. Additionally, the level of service will be improved significantly and the number of accidents will be reduced.
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