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The 45-strong faculty

The Civil Engineering family at IIT Madras consists of faculty, students and staff. There are 45 permanent faculty. The total number of supporting staff members in the department is around 30. Approximately 42 new students join the department each year in the B.Tech. programme, 23 students in the dual degree programme, 80 students in the M.Tech. programme, 20 students each in MS and Ph.D. programs. The Civil Engineering faculties are acknowledged as the friendliest faculty in the campus and interact well with the students. The interaction takes place both at departmental and individual level. The department has developed a guardian-mentor programme in which each new student is assigned under the care of a faculty member to act as a local guardian. There are annual debates between the students and faculty which are eagerly looked forward by all in the campus. The Civil Engineering Association arranges a Student-Faculty get together at the end of each academic year called the Civil Engineering Nite where the students and faculty mingle together; play fun games, compete with each other to test their extra curricular talents. The department faculties go on annual retreats with family members every year to review the performance of the department and plan for the future growth of the department. The most recent retreat was arranged at Mysore in March 2008. The trip was enjoyed by one and all with lots of group activities.

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